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Increasing Productivity with Technology

At Drone Commander, we strive to utilise the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies in maximising agricultural production efficiency and enhancing land health. 

That's why we have developed a range of drones, control systems, payloads and training packages for agricultural and other specialist drone use. Since our founding in 2012, Drone Commander Australia have remained at the forefront of agricultural technology thanks to our expertise, skilled team and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Our client base consists of large property developers, regional councils, agricultural specialists, commercial farmers, hobby farmers, residential homeowners and more. 

Our pilots are fully qualified with CASA-approved Remote Pilot Licenses, as well as aerial application contractor licenses. Additionally, Drone Commander Australia is a registered holder of an ReOC through CASA.

We intend to continue expanding technologies and pushing boundaries to achieve the best results in the agricultural industry, remaining at the forefront of agricultural technology. 

Discover why Drone Commander Australia can provide the best aerial application solutions for your needs. 

Our services include:

- Weed Spraying

- Crop and Pasture Fertilisation

- Granular Product Spreading

- Pest Bait Spreading

- Select Funeral Services 

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Your Success is Our Motivation

Check Out What They’re Saying


‘I’ve seen the effects of both lucerne and barley being planted via the drone, and the coverage is perfectly even with the germination rate unbelievably high. In my opinion it’s the only way to plant. Far better than what an air seeder can do.’

Ben, QLD