Our Team

It's our people that make us, us. Meet the team.

Roger, an ex-military pilot, ideas-man and all-round tech geek, didn't like the spraying options available to him upon purchasing his 150-acre property with his wife on the Darling Downs. So, he came up with a solution. Drone Commander Australia represents unmanned technology at its finest, backed by industry experts who are passionate about what they do. 

Drone Commander Australia has always pushed boundaries, and with the help of its incredible team, it won't be slowing down anytime soon. 

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Roger Woods B.Sc

Chief Remote Pilot

Roger Woods, the founder of Drone Commander Australia, has been in the aviation industry for over 35 years, previously having been a pilot in the army and a rescue helicopter pilot. With a background in science and aviation and a passion for technology, Roger is our man for all things agriculture and aviation technology.

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Dr Barbara Woods DPshych B.Com B.Sc(Hons)

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Barbara has worked as a manager of professional standards in various industries for over 25 years. Because of her experience, she is effective in ensuring the standard of work completed by Drone Commander Australia is second to none. When she's not taking care of all things professional standards, you'll find her out on the trail with her endurance horses.

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Pandora Bevan B.Comm

Business Manager

Pandora has a passion for all things organisation, marketing and client services. With a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Queensland and experience in a variety of marketing and client service roles, Pandora spends her time liasing with clients and making sure you have the best experience possible with our world-class services.

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Richard Ohlrich

Senior Remote Pilot

Richard, having grown up around farms and previously worked as an aircraft captain for a commercial airline, found his fit in Drone Commander Australia easily. He remains one of our most valuable assets with his passion for innovation, providing the best possible client service and thinking of creative solutions to modern agricultural challenges.

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Alissa Yanik-Woods

Director of Compliance and Business Development

As the chair of our board of directors and with a background in all things legal, Alissa looks after the legal and compliance side of our operation. When she doesn't have her head in the books, Alissa loves taking care of our business development, making sure Drone Commander Australia are exposed to the areas that need our help most.

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Jonathan Woods B.A(Hons)

Director of Strategy and Operations

With an Honours degree in Political Science and as an officer in the army, Jonathan is very familiar with effective strategic management. That's why Jonathan is a highly-valued team member in handling the technical side of our operations and ensuring the most efficient and effective outcomes for clients.

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Natalie Cran B.PaSc MACPara

Director of Quality and Training

Natalie has a background in science and an interest in the growth and development of Drone Commander Australia. As such, her position as a director involves coordination of our team of academic scientsts, publications and blogs, ensuring we remain at the forefront of agricultural and aeronautical technological science.

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James Cran B.Eng(Hons)

Director of Engineering and Technology

James has an extensive background in complex engineering and a keen interest in technological advancement. His position as Director involves the oversight of the technological side of our operation, while his knowledge and experience is invaluable to our continuous development.

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Damien Woolridge B.Eng(Hons)

Technological Engineer and Remote Pilot

Damien, fondly known as 'Damo', is our on-site mechanical engineer. Damien is an extremely skilled remote pilot with a background in drone racing. As such, he specialises in the highly technical drone operations we often come across.

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Alex Fessey BAgrBus

Manager of Business Development and Agronomy

Having assisted on his parents' farm all his life, a Bachelor of Agribusiness was an easy choice for Alex. He is our expertise in agro-chemical and all things agriculture, using his knowledge and experience in assisting in the development of our operation.


Our Scientists

Our contributing scientists are an essential aspect of our
scientific development. Meet the team.

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Dr Jonathan Lloyd DSc BSc(Hons) MSc

Contributing Researcher


Morgan McMillan MSc BSc(Hons)

Contributing Researcher