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Weed Spraying

Close Up of Corn Field

Effective Aerial Application

We have found that the DJI T20 drones have specific characteristics that improve spray quality and help produce even dispersion, whilst reducing the risk of any spray drift to non-target areas.  In other words, these drones are the most precise in spraying what should be sprayed, and avoiding what shouldn't. This allows us to use low drift nozzles (like AI TeeJet™), producing extremely coarse droplets while still achieving spray patterns normally seen at higher water rates or with smaller droplet size nozzles. 

To fly, a helicopter has to accelerate air downward.  The T20 drones take advantage of this and spray into the downward accelerated air.  The accelerated droplets impact the target surface and burst, spreading the pesticide around the target much more than spray pressure alone will do.


Spraying work we regularly do includes:

  • Broadleaf and woody weeds

  • Turnip weed/wild radish etc.

  • Insecticide and fungicide spraying to treat rust/powdery mildew etc.

  • Lantana and parthenium weed

  • Liquid fertiliser spraying

  • Fireweed spraying

  • Glyphosate pasture spray outs

  • Fall army worm treatments

Contact us about how we can improve your weed problem.

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