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Agriculture drone fly to sprayed fertili

Welcome to the Future of Farming

A Revolution in Agriculture

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Made by farmers, for farmers.

We know the issues farmers face in ensuring the productivity of their operation.

That's why we are here to help you with all your aerial application needs.

Drone Commander are licensed to provide our services in Queensland and New South Wales. 



Let us help maximise productivity.

Farmers can take their production yields to a whole new level with the innovative technology Drone Commander Australia has to offer. By engaging our services, the yield, health and quality of your land can be maximised to ensure greatest productivity, all year-round.

Land Holders

Maximise the health of your land.

Feel confident that you're making the best decisions for the health of your land. Whether you have a weed problem on your property or in your crop, need to spread seeds, or your pasture could do with improvement, we're here with the most advanced technology, at the forefront of the industry.

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Client Testimonials

Committed to Your Success

‘I’ve seen the effects of both lucerne and barley being planted via the drone, and the coverage is perfectly even with the germination rate unbelievably high. In my opinion it’s the only way to plant. Far better than what an air seeder can do.’

Ben, QLD

‘Thanks Drone Commander for the wonderful service in spraying our property. The approach was consultative and the results are very impressive. The opening up of our property for grazing has been great to see. Thanks again for such great service.’

 Tony & Megan, QLD

‘We have engaged Roger from Drone Commander on 3 occasions to undertake an intensive integrated weed control program on our property at Ramsay. On all occasions we have had the pleasure of receiving an excellent service with outstanding results. Roger is professional, accommodating and knowledgeable. The results speak for themselves- we have found from experience the precision of the drone is far more cost effective than traditional spraying and weed control methods. The drone ensures the chemical is getting applied where we want it and at the application rates we require. Having the ability and willingness  to undertake hand spraying in conjunction with the drone ensures no target weeds remain untreated.
We have no hesitation in recommending  the services of Drone Commander to others and will be using them again ourselves in the future.’

Cameron, QLD

'I wouldn't spread mouse bait any other way.'

Ian, QLD

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